Shock Docs, The Exorcism of Roland Doe: Season 2

​​The Exorcist has terrified audiences since 1973, but few know the story is true. For the first time on television, new evidence exposes shocking secrets about the real-life exorcism of a 13-year-old boy that inspired an iconic horror film. Steven not only was featured in this production, but he also provided some of the documentary research from his book Confrontation with Evil. 

Steven has worked for and has been featured on Warner Brothers Television, NBC Universal, Discovery+, The Travel Channel, A&E, CW, Fox, Destination America, SyFy, 1895 Films, New Dominion, Chiller, CNN, ABC and many others.

Below are featured just a portion of his television credits. 

A Haunting, House of Sorrows: Season 8 Ep. 7

A couple move into a home with a tragic history and soon come to believe that it's haunted. After several attacks, they call paranormal investigators for help, but a careless mistake could make things worse. Steven provided narration and his hands-on experiences with this couple and their haunting. 


Supernatural, Season 5: Angels Among Us

Haunted Survivors discuss their true life hauntings in support of the long running and highly acclaimed series. Steven, along withe other haunted survivors, share his personal haunting experience. 

Mysteries of the Outdoors, Demonic Demonion: Season 2 Ep. 6

Mark Twain National Forest, haunted by hellhounds and other demonic creatures, may also conceal treasures from a lost civilization, pointing to the area's importance as a locus of dark, mysterious energies. Steven discusses his personal research and knowledge of the strange happenings within the forest, as well as, what happens when a devil dog decides to chase you. 

A Haunting, Fear House: Season 3 Ep. 1 

Single father Steven LaChance and his three children move into an old house in Missouri and quickly move back out. Later, he warns the house's new occupants of the paranormal terror that awaits them. The episode was based upon the Union Screaming House haunting. Steven, with others, narrates his personal experiences living through this terrifying haunting.