The Exorcism of Roland Doe, 1895 Films 

‚ÄčThe Exorcist has terrified audiences since 1973, but few know the story is true. For the first time on television, new evidence exposes shocking secrets about the real-life exorcism of a 13-year-old boy that inspired an iconic horror film. Steven not only was featured in this production, but he also provided some of the documentary research from his book Confrontation with Evil. 

The Morse Mill Project, Steven LaChance, Chance Productions, Kline Studios,

Calico Visions 

The Morse Mill Hotel now sits vacant with only faded memories of its glory days, hiding a dark history within its walls. Serial Killer Bertha Gifford once ran the famed hotel with her first husband Henry Graham. Part historical documentary, part paranormal docudrama, the film contains scares, humor and, in the darker moments, a deeper sadness surfaces that the viewer would never expect. Steven not only had a starring role in the production, but he also directed and produced it.


 Spirits in the Garden  

Steven has appeared on films by 1895 Films, New Dominion, Twintalk, Sony, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Blue Ant Media and Steven LaChance Entertainment among others. 

Below listed are just a few.

Spirits in the Garden, Steven LaChance and Monster Paranormal Productions

Paranormal investigators from St. Louis-based Monster Paranormal and Missouri Botanical Garden staff share stories, audio recordings, and other evidence of strange occurrences at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The film was produced for the Gardens annual event, Spirits in the Garden. The short film was directed by Steven LaChance. 

The Possessed, Twintalk Entertainment

Based on the True Story, The Watseka Wonder, America's first documented possession in 1870. A chilling story of a 13-year-old girl from the small town of Watseka, Illinois who became possessed by spirits of the insane dead. Steven offered information about possession through narration, covering first-hand experience with his personal haunting and his book The Uninvited. 

Children of the Grave, Twintalk Entertainment

This documentary uncovers the shocking truth, history and haunting of Ghost Children, Poltergeist Kids, Haunted Orphanages and Crybaby Bridges through untold stories of unmarked graves. Steven not only was featured in this production, but he also is credited for writing and providing location research for the film.