Steven has starred, directed, produced and written for television and film. He worked on a documentary for the fifth season of the hit CW show "Supernatural."  He also starred in the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting: Fear House" which is still playing worldwide and another episode titled, "House of Sorrows," which premiered in 2016. 


When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Steven LaChance Entertainment. We create. We innovate. We deliver. 

​​​​​​Steven LaChance Entertainment  is taking off.  We are a promotion, PR, Literary, Event and Film Company.

We are growing with new innovative, independent and well executed projects. This will also include documentary and non-documentary films, literary works, lectures and events.

Steven has worked within the entertainment industry since the age of sixteen. He has worked within broadcasting, television, film, stage, and is a bestselling published author. He has worked with SyFy, Chiller, Discovery, Fox, CNN, Coast 2 Coast, Destination America, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, CW, and many more. His works are published by Llewellyn Worldwide and his through own company. 

In 2009, Steven produced and directed his first documentary film called, "The Morse Mill Project". He is currently working on numerous projects and has a film in pre-production which will start shooting in the Spring of 2016. He is currently working on a screenplay for his book, "Crazy" with the hopes of finally getting the story brought to the screen. ​



Steven is looking for talented actors, speakers and authors to develop and help achieve their dreams. He has over 30 years of professional entertainment experience within all facets of the entertainment business. He is looking to work with a few talented individuals in a partnership for success. ​


Steven has been event planning most of his adult life.  He has worked for charities, businesses, and educational institutions planning the most comprehensive portfolio of events you are likely to find anywhere. He is currently working with his event planning partner on numerous upcoming innovative events.





Steven LaChance  released his first critically acclaimed full-length book, "The Uninvited" during the Fall of 2008.  In 2010, he released his second book "Crazy" to further acclaim. In 2014, he released his long-awaited sequel to "The Uninvited"  called "Blessed are the Wicked." He is currently working on his next book, "Confrontation with Evil" for a  February 8, 2017 release. 

Confrontation with Evil

In the Fall of 2016, Steven LaChance will release his third book with Llewellyn Worldwide titled, "Confrontation with Evil: An In-Depth Review of the 1949 Possession which inspired The Exorcist."

The new book will ask new questions about the exorcism case and will contain new evidence about what actually happened in St. Louis in 1949 and how its effects still can be seen within the headlines of today.